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T  h  e    K  T    B  l  a  n  k  e  t
Take this blanket that we've woven,
Wrap it round you good and snug. 
Feel the softness of its fibers warm 
And gentle like a hug.

You needn't worry about your tears, 
No damage will they do.
The fibers may be very soft,
But they're strong and durable too.

Its a very large large blanket.
There's room for you and yours. 
Draw them near under this cover, 
Block the winds and stay the storm.

This blanket has many different yarns, 
From all around the world. 
We've intertwined them just for you, 
Though some have twists and curls. 

This blanket will always be here, 
Warm and soft and dry. 
A safe spot in a scarey world,
Where even angels die. 

by Leslee Rasgaitis

KT Blanket

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Last edited on January 16, 2005